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Milk – Does a Body Good or Harm?

Should you drink your milk? Everyone from dairy advertisers to doctors and even your mom told you to “drink your milk it’s good for you.”   Is that really sound advice concerning your health?  The answer for most of us is no if our source of milk is the local megamart.

Why?  Milk is a processed food. Ignoring for a moment the methods employed to grow the cows and extract as much milk as possible, let’s focus on the pasteurization that is employed to save us from the “dreaded bacteria.”  Pasteurization can kill most of the detrimental bacteria present in milk but it also kills all the beneficial bacteria that are also there and who protect us from the very organisms that pasteurization is also designed to do. The high heat of pasteurization also denatures the delicate protein structures destroying the enzymes without which milk becomes very hard for us to digest (how many times do you hear “I’m lactose intolerant”). Our pancreas can not always handle the burden of secreting enough enzymes to break down the milk and overtaxing the pancreas to do such work can lead to diseases such as diabetes. Continue reading ‘Milk – Does a Body Good or Harm?’

Vitamin D, Sunlight, and Sunscreen – Sunscreen

Everybody knows that when we spend time in the sun, we need to protect ourselves from excessive exposure. Most people assume that slathering on sunscreen will stop the damaging rays that cause premature aging and skin cancer, but there is evidence to the contrary. We already know the benefits of daily sunlight exposure and the Vitamin D it produces from previous postings. There is a limit, of course, between what is healthy and what becomes damaging sunlight exposure. It is true that with prolonged exposure to UV radiation the dangers of skin cancer go up and we accelerate the aging process and this is where sun protection comes into play. Continue reading ‘Vitamin D, Sunlight, and Sunscreen – Sunscreen’

July 2020
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