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Salmon – not so healthy?

Salmon is healthy and we should all eat more of it, right?  It has healthy fats and is very versatile in the kitchen, so what’s not to like?  Where the fish comes from, the methods from which it is raised and the detriment to the environment should change your thinking on ordering that slmon tonight.

If you had Atlantic salmon at the restaurant last night or picked some up at the grocery, it was almost certainly farmed salmon; even if labeled “wild caught” it has a very good chance of having come from a farm.  In a cross country sting operation, Consumer Reports found that a 56% of salmon labeled “wild” in supermarkets was actually farmed.   Even Pacific salmon varities are now commonly farmed as 142 distinct salmon populations in British Columbia alone have gone extinct.  Annual salmon returns to the rivers of the Pacific Northwest are estimated at just 6-7% of their historic levels.  In other words, these pacific fish are quickly going the way of the Atlantic salmon whihc from Maine to Norway is now considered commercially extinct.  This is why if you had Atlantic salmon it was most likely raised in a pen off the Pacific coast. 

So, if the fish was raised on a farm, it’s still healthy, right?  Wrong.  Farmed salmon are fattier than their wild brethren, but not in a good way.  They have the same problem as factory farmed beef in that their balance of omega 3 – omega 6 fatty acids is strongly shifted to the pro-inflammatory omega 6 side.  In other words, Continue reading ‘Salmon – not so healthy?’

July 2020
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