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Allergy Season and Mucus… The Season is Here

Proteolytic enzymes are specifically functional proteins found in our bodies and throughout nature that aid in digesting or breaking down proteins.  In our body’s protease’s are most famously involved with our digestive tract.  

We are aware that due to proteolytics ability to break down proteins, there is an anti-inflammatory effect.  By digesting the protein plugs in the vessels around an injury, accumulated inflammatory fluid (swelling) is allowed to drain aiding in pain relief and speedy healing.  The anti-inflammatory and healing attributes of protease’s are well known while some other very timely and useful characteristics remain largely unknown to most people.  

At this time of the year many of us are beginning our seasonal battle with allergies.  The congestion and runny noses leading to sneezing and general unhappiness.  Proteolytic enzymes have the ability to ease the mucus production, break up the congestion and even clear pollen, bacteria and viruses from the body like.  Clinically we know this works and works well.  Exactly how it works is harder to say with certainty.  Protease’s do rise to a measurable blood level when taken on an empty stomach and will therefore be circulated throughout the body scavenging various allergens and probably finding their way to the mucus membranes.  Once around the mucus membranes, the thickened mucus is broken down, thinned out and thus the sinus’ throat and nasal passages are cleared.   Continue reading ‘Allergy Season and Mucus… The Season is Here’

What’s Going on With Our Kids?

Recently a study was conducted by the CDC/NCHS which states that food allergies are on the increase in children, but experts are unsure of the cause.  Why are our children, in this day and age of health, nutrition and exercise awareness, having an increase in all kinds of diseases, including those diseases that used to only affect a minor portion of the population and/or adults only?  It’s a serious question that deserves an immediate answer and the answer lies within the cellular level.

Food allergies are a common problem with patients who complain of chronic digestive, sinus, skin and headache problems.  The study in the link above suggests that children can be affected by food allergies.  We see this even more so in very young children.  The big problem is the true diagnosis.  If you have a severe reaction to a certain food, then the diagnosis of an allergy to that food isn’t very difficult to conclude.  When you have intolerance to a food, then it is much more difficult to pin down the specific food that is causing the symptoms.  An allergy is a direct reaction every time.  Intolerance is the same type of reaction just not every time.  So why does this happen?  Because there are times that the body will have the ability to buffer the allergic reaction that the food is causing.  Which leads to the question, why in the world are our children needing to take more drugs than ever for diabetes, cholesterol and other typically recognized as adult diseases?   Continue reading ‘What’s Going on With Our Kids?’

November 2020
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