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Report from Johns Hopkins University

Here is another example of a “revolutionary” concept that vegetables can protect people from disease. 

Veggies May Protect Women from Diabetes..

It is always nice to see when science and research validate what we have been preaching for years.  Being told that eating more vegetables is good for your health is nothing new.  When the benefit is related to a specific disease such as diabetes, then people start to get a better understanding of the true health benefits of eating whole vegetables.  This report specifically identifies leafy green vegetables.  It can be extremely difficult to consume enough of the right foods.  And to also consume the right foods without the pesticides and preservatives added to them.  For that reason, we strongly recommend a green drink everyday.  A green powder that consists of all the nutrients of green leafy vegetables is a great way to ensure you get the benefits of eating more vegetables.  V-8 is not a valid choice.  Read the label.  The sodium alone should scare any consumer, not to mention the preservatives and pastuerization.  A green drink is fast and easy and perfect for those on the go.

Bottled Water

We all need water, all living things do.  Unfortunately a vast majority of us do not drink enough.  With so many beverage choices, it becomes difficult to make the right choice to quench our thirst.  However, water is the only truly suitable liquid for the human body.  The most common types of water choices include city water/tap water; bottled water; filtered water; and distilled water.  What is the wisest choice?  How much water should we have on a daily basis?  What are the various impacts of our water selection on our bodies?  You can read recent reports released by the associated press which states that bottled water is as polluted as tap water.

So, how much water should we consume?  The US government Continue reading ‘Bottled Water’

October 2008
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