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Vitamin D, Sunlight, and Sunscreen – Sunlight

Sunlight.  It seems simple enough.  We use it to grow crops and to raise livestock.  We use it to regulate our sleep/wake cycles, and we also avoid it at all costs.  We have unfortunately been led to believe that sunlight equals skin cancer and premature aging and that is just not true.  Another falsity that has been indoctrinated into our lives is that ultimately the sun has very damaging effects.  This is just not true.  What is true is that burning and excessive sun exposure can lead to premature aging and certain cancers.  Prudent sun exposure can be radically effective at protecting against cancers, bone loss, immune suppression, and even mood.  Best of all its free!  That reason alone may have something to do with reason it has been vilified and shunned from our health conscious lifestyle. Continue reading ‘Vitamin D, Sunlight, and Sunscreen – Sunlight’