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Vitamin D, Sunlight and Sunscreen – Vitamin D

Lately, a lot of press has touted the benefits of very high Vitamin D intake (higher than the Recommended Daily Allowance).  High Vitamin D intake reportedly leads to a signification reduction in bone loss, improvements in energy, mood and immune function, fewer cancers and even a lower overall death rate.  Recent press has also put a bright light onto the sunscreen industry and the ineffectiveness of most sunscreen products, the toxicity of chemical sunscreens and even our need for UV light to reach our skin.  All of this can be confusing when viewed from the typical standpoint that “the sun is evil and must be avoided to prevent skin cancer, sunscreen is good, and vitamin D is toxic in high doses.”  Let’s tackle the issue in three parts.  First – Understanding Vitamin D. Continue reading ‘Vitamin D, Sunlight and Sunscreen – Vitamin D’